Funding Opportunities

Is your agency interested in applying for Children’s Board funding?  Does your organization have the capacity to manage these dollars?  The Children’s Board has developed an Agency Capacity Checklist to assist local agencies in determining if they have the internal capabilities to manage a government contract.  Pending Board approval the Children’s Board is planning to release a Request for Proposals (RFP) in October 2017.  Stay connected to learn more.

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The Children’s Board investments in programs and services that ensure children:

  • Are Healthy & Safe
  • Are Developmentally on Track
  • Are Ready to Learn & Succeed
  • Have Supported and Supportive Families

We seek to demonstrate this impact through accountable services that work, create, and sustain thoughtful partnerships and build continuous services for success in neighborhood communities. Our Funding Opportunities information will keep you posted on new funding and contract opportunities, as well as explain our funding guidelines, requirements, and procedures. Children’s Board policy does not allow us to respond to unsolicited proposals. The Children’s Board is required to administer funding for proposals or projects through a transparent Request for Application/Proposal/Qualifications process.  To be notified of future Children’s Board funding opportunities, please complete the registration form.

Emerging Needs Grants

The purpose of Emerging Needs Grants is to address emerging community needs and/or funding requests that are communicated to Members of the Governing Board of the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County and/or Children’s Board staff, including the Executive Director, throughout the fiscal year.

Basic Criteria Include:

  • Qualifying agencies must serve young children and be a legally operating not-for-profit corporation in the State of Florida.
  • For funding to be considered, one-time requests must be between $5,000 and $75,000.
  • The unanticipated need can be expected to seriously affect pregnant women and/or children aged birth-8 and their families in Hillsborough County.
  • The emerging need could not be reasonably anticipated prior to the adoption of the annual Children’s Board budget.
  • The emerging need is strategically aligned with the four funding focus areas of the Children’s Board: 
    1. Children are Healthy & Safe
    2. Children are Developmentally on Track
    3. Children are Ready to Learn and Succeed
    4. Children have Supported & Supportive Families

To learn more about Emerging Needs and/or to discuss a community issue please email Shelton Gilyard,Contract Manager, at

Children’s Board of Hillsborough County Funding Workshops

If your agency is interested in applying for one of the funding opportunities below, please be advised, attendance at funding workshops is optional, but highly encouraged.  If you, or a member of an agency is planning to apply for funds, but is unable to attend, it is important to read the Request for Proposal (RFP) carefully and follow the instructions for submitting written questions. All questions from the funding workshops, as well as written questions, will be posted on the date indicated in the RFP.

FY 18 Open Opportunities
Carpet Flooring Replacement Services RFP

Social Enterprise Plan Competition 2018 

APPROVED Pro 2018-09 Social Enterprise Plan Competition 4 16 2018

1st and 2nd place winners 2017 

BBBS And Frameworks
Portico Cafe

FY 18 Closed Opportunities
(Level 3) Summer Services Leading Grant 
ASO Flexible Funds for Non-CBHC Funded Programs
30th Anniversary Video Services
Technical Assistance Grants Cycle One
Approved Addendum #1 Pro 2018-06 Summer Services RFP 1 22 2018
Summer Services Funding Workshop Sign-in Sheet
Approved Questions-Responses Pro 2018-06 Level 3 Summer Services Leading Grant RFP 02-08-18
Capacity Building Training & Consultation RFA
Technical Assistance RFA Cycle Two
(Level 1) Major Investment Grant
(Level 2) Family Support Uniting Grant
FY 17 Closed Opportunities
Approved Pro 2017-10 Mobile Swim and Education RFQ 
Approved Pro 2017-09 Business Plan Competition
APPROVED PUR 04-2017 Aluminum Fence Repairs and Painting Services
Brick Driveway Repairs and Improvement Services RFP
Children’s Board Office Interior Painting Services PUR 02-2017 RFP
Summer Services Grants for South & East County Pro 2017-08
Uniting Grants Pro 2017 – 03
Leading Grants Pro 2017 – 05
Summer Services Pro 2017- 07
Technical Assistance Grants Pro 2017-01
Professional Development for Early Care Educators Pro-2017-04
Prevent Needless Deaths Child Safety Campaign – PUR 01 2017
TA Grants Pro 2017- 06
Administrative Services Organization (ASO) Flexible Funds for Non-CBHC Funded Programs Pro-2017-02


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