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FY17 Contract Training and Documents

Please utilize the following documents to assist you in managing and/or developing your Children’s Board FY17 contract. If you need additional information or feel that other documents should be included in this listing please email Maria Negron at

Contract Compliance

Instructions To Complete FY 17 EE Matrix - Continuation Providers (12.6 KB)
4a -ATTACHMENT 4a - Lead - Sub Role Revised 7-1-16 (23.2 KB)
FY17 Template-Annual Contract Evaluation And Recommendation Revised 12 20 2016 (351.8 KB)
FY 17 EE Matrix Template (22.7 KB)
Copy Of 5 -ATTACHMENT 5 - Addresses Revised (14.1 KB)
Copy Of 4 - ATTACHMENT 4 - Assignments And Subcontractors (32.8 KB)
3 - ATTACHMENT 3 - FY17 General Terms And Conditions Standard (87.4 KB)
6-7-2017 Provider Contract Development Training June 15 2016 (8.0 MB)
Full Menu 2017 Outcomes And Recommended Measures (1.8 MB)
2017 Procedures For Data Integrity Check (132.2 KB)
Provider Timeline For Fiscal Year 2018 (392.9 KB)


ASO Monitoring Assessment & Checklist FY17 (142.5 KB)
ASO Monitoring Protocol FY17 (41.1 KB)
Copy Of Budget Modification Form For Lead Agency (Updated 6-14-16) (96.8 KB)
Copy Of Budget Modification Form For Subcontractor (Updated 6-14-16) (96.8 KB)
Copy Of Budget To Actual Form (Updated 6-14-16) (63.5 KB)
Copy Of Continuation Budget Summary & Narrative Forms (Updated 6-14-16) (44.6 KB)
Copy Of Cost Reimbursement Request Form (Updated 6-14-16) (41.5 KB)
Fiscal Reporting Requirements Handbook FY 2017 (1.7 MB)
Fiscal Site Visit Interview Form (Updated 6-14-16) (76.3 KB)

Public Relations

CBHC Logo-01 (great For Ppt And Online Uses) (62.5 KB)
Disaster Plan Verification And Contact Information Form (updated 04-03-2015) (62.0 KB)



The Administrative Service Organization (ASO) is a project operated by the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County to manage flexible funds. The ASO supports a wraparound approach in which families identify their strengths, goals, needs, and service providers via a family support plan. As a last resort of payment, flexible funds managed by the ASO can be used to pay for supports and services with qualified community providers.

Trained and authorized case managers work with families to develop individualized family support plans and to select a wide range of services and supports for the children and their families. Families are able to prioritize the services that they need the most and select a provider of their choosing. At this time, one hundred (100) service types are available from a fully credentialed provider network that includes hundreds of agencies, vendors, individuals, local businesses, and faith-based organizations.

The Children’s Board ASO manages approximately $1.5 million in flexible funds and offers accounts payable services, detailed financial reporting, provider credentialing and network management, and quality assurance.  All processes are managed through the custom web-application, which can be accessed by clicking on the ASO icon above.

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